Fuqiang Cui

Fuqiang Cui

Fuqiang Cui

  • Professor
  • cuifuq@bjmu.edu.cn
  • Xueyuan Road 38, Haidian District, Beijing, China
  • Peking University
Personal profile

Prof Cui graduated from the School of Public Health of Lanzhou University with a bachelor's degree in Medicine in 1995, graduated from the School of Public Health, Hebrew University, Israel, with a Master's degree in Public Health in 2004, graduated from the School of Tropical Diseases and Public Health, University of Basel, Switzerland, with a doctorate degree in epidemiology in 2012 and graduated from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University with a Master's degree in Public Management in 2015.

From 2005 to 2012, he was the coordinator of the cooperation project of the Ministry of Health/the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. From July 2005 to December 2011, he worked in the National Immunization Programme of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention as the team lead for disease surveillance and programme evaluation. From December 2011 to November 2016, he served as the Deputy Director and senior research scientist of National Immunization Program of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. From November 2016 to May 2019, he joined the School of Public Health, Peking University as the professor in Epidemiology. May 2019 - August 2019, he served as the Senior Advisor to Department of International Cooperation, National Health Commission. August 2019 - August 2020, he was the Technical Officer, Global Hepatitis Programme, World Health Organization Headquarters. Since August 2020, he has been working as the professor/Department Head/Doctoral Supervisor, School of Public Health, Peking University. He has published more than 320 papers, including 153 peer-reviewed papers as first author or corresponding author. He participated the development of eight WHO international standards and guidelines, one WHO position paper, one strategic plan, two national diagnostic criteria for infectious diseases and three national prevention and control guidelines on infectious diseases. In addition, he has written five books.

He has been playing active roles in public heath, for example, serves as Strategic Information Advisor on viral hepatitis at the World Health Organization Headquarters and member of the Western Pacific Hepatitis B Expert Resource Panel. Expert of the Drug Price Evaluation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, expert of the evaluation of the Intergovernmental International cooperation project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, expert of the high-level talent evaluation project of the Talent Center of the National Health Commission, Expert of the Evaluation of China Science and Technology Talent Awards of the China Association for Science and Technology, member of the Board of China Hepatitis Prevention and Control Foundation, Chairman of the Working Committee for the Promotion of the Elimination of viral Hepatitis of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Vice Chairman of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Branch of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Vice Chairman of the Vaccine Clinical Research Committee of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Chairman of the Hepatitis Prevention and Control Branch of the Chinese Vaccine Industry Association, member of the Expert Steering Committee of the Bill Gates Foundation China Vaccinology Training Programme, Deputy editor of Journal of Medical Virology, executive editor of Chinese Preventive Medicine, deputy editor of Chinese Journal of Viral Diseases.

Main research directions

Prof Cui’s research interests are infectious diseases, its epidemiology and prevention, mainly focuses on infectious disease control, epidemiological research on vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases, immunization intervention, global health. 

Representative scientific research projects

1. Research on the influence factors of Influenza disease Burden and vaccination intention in Elderly Population under the Key Project of Beijing Natural Science Foundation and Haidian Original Innovation Joint Fund, Project leader, 1 million yuan, 2022.12.1-2025.12.31. Grant number L222029.

2. Research on the Dual model of Social Mobilization and Resilience Governance for Emergency vaccination under the General Project of National Social Science Fund, Project Leader, 200,000 CNY, 2022.9.30-2025.9.30. Project number: 22BGL246.

3. National "14th Five-Year Plan" Key Research and Development Plan: Research on COVID-19 vaccination intention, sub-project leader, 900,000 CNY, 2021.12.1-2024.11.30. Project number: 2021YFC2301604.

4. Biennial Project of the World Health Organization (2022-2023) : Research on the status quo and financing of Global Health Governance, Project Leader, 570,000 CNY, 2022.11.1-2023.10.30. Project number: GJ2-2022-WHOSO-16.

5. Who Biennial Project: Research on China's Participation in Global Health Governance and Global Health Security under COVID-19, Project Leader, 532,000 CNY, 2021.3.1-2021.11.30. Project number: GJ2-2021-WHOSO-12.

6. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Project, Implementation and Evaluation of the Pilot Project for Capacity Building of the Laboratory of Molecular Epidemiology of Malaria in Sierra Leone, Africa, co-project leader, 2 million CNY, 2021.9.30-2024.12.30. Project number: INV-018912.1.

7. The National S & T Major Project for Infectious Diseases of China in 2018: Research on HBV infection and vaccination strategies in diabetes population in China, 2018-2020, 1.348 million CNY, Grant no:2018ZX10721202.

8. The open project of the state key laboratory of biological safety of pathogenic microorganisms in 2018: Study on the mechanism of drug resistance of haemophilus influenzae in the biofilm state of acute respiratory tract infection in children, 2018-2020, 200 thousands CNY, Grant no:SKLPBS1836.

9. Major science and technology project of the 12th five-year plan in 2012: Study on new strategies for the prevention of viral hepatitis B in China, principal of the sub-project, with a fund of 8.3469 million CNY, Grant no: 2012ZX10002001 

10. Major science and technology project of "the eleventh five-year plan" in 2009: Research on the immune prevention strategy of viral hepatitis B in China, principal of the sub-project, with a fund of 19.65 million CNY. Grant no: 2008zx10002-001 

10 representative papers

1. Fuqiang Cui#, Sarah Blach, Casimir Manzengo Mingiedi, Monica Alonso Gonzalez, Ahmed Sabry Alaama, Antons Mozalevskis, Nicole Séguy, Bharat Bhushan Rewari, Polin-Chan, Linh-vi Le, Niklas Luhmann, Philippa Easterbrook, Mae Dirac, Catherine de Martel, Shevanthi Nayagam, Timothy B Hallett, Peter Vickerman, Homie Razavi, Olufunmiayo Lesi , Daniel Low-beer*. Global reporting of Hepatitis B and C–progress and gaps towards elimination, The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology, February 07, 2023 DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/S2468-1253(22)00386-7 .

2. Zhou Y#, Zhao LL#, Chen J#, Zhang WX, Zhao SY, Wang C, Du J, Wei TT, Liu YQ, Lu QB*, Liu M*, Cui F*. Effects of breakthrough infections on clinical characteristics and outcomes among patients with Japanese encephalitis. J Infect. 2023 Oct;87(4):350-353. doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2023.07.012. Epub 2023 Jul 24. PMID: 37495190.

3. Zhang SH#, Wang C#, Liu B#, Lu Q#… Cui F*. Cost-effectiveness of expanded antiviral treatment for chronic hepatitis B virus infection in China: an economic evaluation. The Lancet Regional Health -Western Pacific,2023: 100738.3.

4. Lu Q-B, Cui F*. Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HBV. Lancet Infect Dis 2022, https://doi.org/10.1016/S1473-3099(22)00206-7.

5. Chao Wang#, Bei Liu#, Sihui Zhang, Ninghua Huang, Tianshuo Zhao, Qing‐Bin Lu, Fuqiang Cui*. Differences in incidence and fatality of COVID‐19 by SARS‐CoV‐2 Omicron variant versus Delta variant in relation to vaccine coverage: A world‐wide review. J Med Virol, 29 November 2022 https://doi.org/10.1002/jmv.28358.

6. Ninghua Huang#, Chao Wang#, Bingfeng Han, Tianshuo Zhao, Bei Liu, Linyi Chen, Mingzhu Xie, Hui Zheng, Sihui Zhang, Yu Wang, Du Juan, YaQiong Liu, QingBin Lu, Fuqiang Cui*. Change in willingness to COVID‐19 vaccination in China: Two online surveys during the pandemic. J Med Virol. 2022;94:5271–5278.  

7. Wang Chao, Cui Fuqiang*. Expanded screening for chronic hepatitis B virus infection in China. Lancet GH, 2021(10)e278.

8. Zheng Hui#, Shevanthi Nayagam#, Polin Chan, Wang Fuzhen, Mark Thursz, Yin Zundong, Miao Ning, Sun Xiaojin, Fuqiang Cui*, Zhang Guomind & Timothy B Hallett. Progress towards elimination of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus infection in China: a modelling analysis. Bull World Health Organ 2020;98: doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.2471/BLT.19.248146. 

9. Cui F. Strategies to increase timely uptake of hepatitis B vaccine birth dose. Lancet Glob Health. 2020 Jul;8(7): e869-e870.7.

10. Cui F#, Shen L#, Li L#, et al. Prevention of Chronic Hepatitis B after 3 Decades of Escalating Vaccination Policy, China. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2017, 23(5):765-772.