Guoxing Li

Guoxing Li

Guoxing Li

  • Associate Professor
Personal profile

Guoxing Li is an associate professor in the occupational and environmental medicine department, school of public health at Peking University, visiting professor in Imperial College London. He received his Ph.D. from Peking University in 2011. He was awarded a visiting fellow of Auckland University by China ministry of science and technology fund in 2012.

He has published over 50 peer reviewed papers in leading scientific journals such as Lancet planetary health, JAMA Psychiatry, Stroke, Environment international. As the PI/co-investigator, his research is primarily supported by the china natural science foundation, China-Thailand cooperation project, and Chinese medical association fund. He has participated in the compilation of four monographs and textbooks, such as ‘Modern Environmental Hygiene’, ‘Ambient particulate matter and health’. He is a fellow of Beijing Environmental Mutagen Society, and International Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE), editorial member of BMC Public Health and Journal of Environmental Hygiene.

Main research directions

Dr. Li’s research interests center on the statistical method in environmental health; adverse effects of air pollution; climate-related disease burden; environmental health risk evaluation.

Representative scientific research projects

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, ’the satellite remote data -derived acute effects of fine particulate matter on population mortality’ (2014-2017)

2. Key scientific and technological project on health of Tianjin,’ the construction of air quality health index and public health risk forecasting’ (2017-2019)

3. NSFC-TRF, ’The integrated impacts of climate types and chemical constituents of the fine particulate matters (PM2.5) on human health from biomass-burning air pollution  in upper northern Thailand’ (2018-2020)

10 representative papers

Climate change

1. Wang Y, Lin L, Xu Z, Wang L, Huang J, Zhou M, Li G: Have residents adapted to heat wave and cold spell in the 21st century? Evidence from 136 Chinese cities. Environ Int 2023, 173,107811.

2. Guoxing Li, Qun Guo, Yang Liu, Yixue Li, Xiaochuan Pan. Projected Temperature-Related Years of Life Lost From Stroke Due To Global Warming in a Temperate Climate City, Asia: Disease Burden Caused by Future Climate Change. Stroke. 2018;49:828-834.

3. Guoxing Li, Yixue Li, Lin Tian, Qun Guo, Xiaochuan Pan. Future temperature-related years of life lost projections for cardiovascular disease in Tianjin, China. Science of the Total Environment,  2018;630:943-950.

4. Boya Zhang, Guoxing Li#,Yue Ma,Xiaochuan Pan. Projection of temperature-related mortality due to cardiovascular disease in beijing under different climate change, population, and adaptation scenarios. Environmental Research, 2018;162:152-159.

Air pollution

5. Teng Yang, Jaiwei Wang, Jing Huang#, Frank J Kelly, Guoxing Li#. Long-term Exposure to Multiple Ambient Air Pollutants and Association With Incident Depression and Anxiety; JAMA Psychiatry; 2023.

6. Teng Yang, Tiantian Gu, Zhihu Xu, Tianfeng He, Guoxing Li#, Jing Huang#. Associations of residential green space with incident type 2 diabetes and the role of air pollution: A prospective analysis in UK Biobank; Science of the Total Environment; 2023, 866: 161396

7. Jie Li, Jing Huang, Ru Cao, Peng Yin, Lijun Wang, Yang Liu, Xiaochuan Pan, Guoxing Li#, Maigeng Zhou#. The association between ozone and years of life lost from stroke, 2013-2017: a retrospective regression analysis in 48 major Chinese cities,Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021,405,124220.

8. Guoxing Li, Jing Huang, Jinwei Wang, Minghui Zhao, Yang Liu, Xinbiao Guo, Shaowei Wu, Luxia Zhang. Long-term exposure to ambient PM2.5  and increased risk of chronic kidney disease prevalence in China,Journal of the American Society of Nephrology,2021,32,448-458.(Co-first author)

9. Jing Huang, Xiaochuan Pan, Xinbiao Guo, Guoxing Li#. Health impact of China's Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan: an analysis of national air quality monitoring and mortality data. Lancet Planet Health. 2018;2:e313-e323.

10. Huang Jing, Xiaochuan Pan, Xinbiao Guo, Guoxing Li#. Impacts of air pollution wave on years of life lost: A crucial way to communicate the health risks of air pollution to the public. Environment International, 2018;113:42-49.