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关于Victor*** Daramy同学拟给予退学处理的公告 The Announcement of Opinions on the Withdrawal of a postgraduate student

发布日期: 2024-04-22

关于Victor*** Daramy同学拟给予退学处理的公告

Victor *** Daramy同学:


  Victor *** Daramy北京大学公共卫生学院21级硕士研究生,学号2111210680

  Victor *** Daramy在未向学校履行任何请假手续的情况下,逾期两周未注册。根据《北京大学研究生学籍管理办法》第七章第二十七条之规定,拟予以Victor *** Daramy同学退学处理。

  Victor *** Daramy对此处理意见如有异议,可以在拟处理意见书送达之日起5个工作日内,向本院系研究生管理部门提交书面申辩或者进行口头陈述和申辩。





The Announcement of Opinions on the Withdrawal of a postgraduate student

Mr.Victor *** Daramy

Peking University intends to withdraw you from the University. Due to difficulty in contacting you and delivering the notice, we make an announcement as followswhich shall be deemed to have been served ten working days from the date of issuance of this announcement.

Victor *** Daramy, Male, Master’s student, ID:2111210680, Peking University School of Public Health.

Failing to complete the registration procedure within two weeks of the prescribed time without applying for leave. According to Chapter VII Article 27 in the Regulations on the Graduate Student’s Student Status at Peking University, you will be withdrawn from the University.

If there are any objections,Victor *** Daramy can submit a written defense or conduct an oral statement and pleading to the postgraduate management office of the school/ department within 5 working days of the receipt of this notice.

Email for defense: gwjb@bjmu.edu.cn

Address for defenseXin Gongwei Building 218

Peking University School of Public Health


Note: This announcement has been translated into English. The English version is, to the greatest extent, in accordance with the Chinese one. If any dispute over the announcement occurs, the Chinese version shall prevail.