Yerong Wei

Yerong Wei

Yerong Wei

  • Professor
  • yerw@bjmu.edu.cn
  • Xueyuan Road 38, Haidian District, Beijing, China
  • Peking University
Personal profile

As a professor of epidemiology I work at the Institute of Reproductive and Child Health, School of Public Health, Peking University. My research interests include the associations of environmental factors and adverse pregnancy outcomes, and the possible mechanisms; birth defects surveillance and related etiological Study; medical big data management and mining. As one of the key researchers, I have participated in the US-China collaborative project, the WHO collaborative project as well as the national medical research programs, including “the US-China collaborative project on NTDs prevention”, “the Establishment of an Electronic Reproductive Health Surveillance System in China”. And as a responsible person I have completed the international cooperative project of “Maintaining the Birth Defects Surveillance in five Counties in Northern China” and the National Science and Technology Major Project of “Establishment of Unstructured Medical Data Management System and Application Research”. I have published over 80 scientific articles in this field during recent years.

Main research directions

Reproductive Health Epidemiology, Birth Defects Prevention and Control

Representative scientific research projects

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 82173527), Relationships between Exposure to Rare Earth Elements during Pregnancy and the Risk of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy and Their Mechanisms, 2022-2025, Project Leader.

2. National Science and Technology Major Project: Establishment of Unstructured Medical Data Management System and Application Research”, 2010-2015, Project Leader.

3. The China-US Collaborative Project of Birth Defects Surveillance, 2008-2012, Project Leader.

4. Maternal and Child Health Cohort Study in China-The Establishment of Data Management and Information System, 2015-2016, Project Leader.

5. National Science and Technology Infrastructure Program- The Research and Development of Appropriate Technology for Childhood Asthma Health Management, 2008-2010, Project Leader.

10 representative papers

 1. Jin Y, Li ZY, An H, Pang Y, Li K, Zhang Y, Zhang L, Yan L, Wang B, Ye R*, Li Z; Ren A. Environmental Titanium Exposure and Reproductive Health: Risk of Low Birth Weight Associated with Maternal Titanium Exposure from A Nested Case-control Study in Northern China. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety,2020 Nov. 18,1-7.

2. An H, Wang B, Li ZY, Jin Y, Ren M, Yu Y, Zhang Y, Zhang L, Yan L, Li Z, Ren A, Ye R*, Li K,** Distribution of mercury in serum and blood cells and risk of spontaneous preterm birth: A nested case-control study in China. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety,2021 Apr. 20,1-7.

3. Liu Y, Li N**, An H, Li Z, Zhang L, Li H, Zhang Y, Ye R*. Impact of gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia on low birthweight and small-for-gestational-age infants in china: A large prospective cohort study. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, 2021,00:1-8.

4. Li N, Li Z*, Ye R*, Zhu Y, Li S, Yang N, Zhang L, Li H, Liu J, Ren A. Preconception blood pressure and risk of preterm birth: a large cohort study in China. J Hypertens, 2016, 34(11): 2243-2247.

5. Li N, Li Z*, Ye R*, Zhang L, Li H, Zhu Y, Li S, Yang N, Liu J, Ren A. Preconception Blood Pressure and Risk of Low Birth Weight and Small for Gestational Age: A Large Cohort Study in China. Hypertension, 2016, 68(4): 873-879.

6. Li N, Li Z*, Chen S, Yang N, Ren A, Ye R*. Effects of passive smoking on hypertension in rural Chinese nonsmoking women. J Hypertens, 2015, 3(11): 2210-2214.

7. Li Z, Ye R*, Zhang L, Li H, Liu J, Ren A. Periconceptional folic acid supplementation and the risk of preterm births in China: a large prospective cohort study. Int J Epidemiol, 2014, 43(4): 1132-1139.

8. Mei Z, Mary K, Liu JM, Rafael C, Wang L, Ye R*, and Laurence M. Iron-Containing Micronutrient Supplementation of Chinese Women with No or Mild Anemia during Pregnancy Improved Iron Status but Did Not Affect Perinatal Anemia. J Nutr, 2014, 144(6): 943-948.

9. Li Z, Ye R*, Zhang L, Li H, Liu J, Ren A. Folic Acid Supplementation During Early Pregnancy and the Risk of Gestational Hypertension and Preeclampsia. Hypertension, 2013, 61(4): 873-879.

10.  Ye R, Ren A*, Zhang L, Li Z, Liu J, Pei L, Zheng X*. Tea drinking as a risk factor for neural tube defects in northern China. Epidemiology, 2011, 22(4): 491-496.