Fuqiang Cui

Fuqiang Cui

Fuqiang Cui

  • Professor
  • cuifuq@bjmu.edu.cn
  • Xueyuan Road 38, Haidian District, Beijing, China
  • Peking University
Personal profile

Professor and Head of Laboratorial Science and Technology, School of Public Health, Peking University and Director of Vaccine Research Center, School of Public Health, Peking University.

Dr. Cui Fuqiang received his training at Lanzhou University, China (MD, 1990-1995), Hebrew University, Israel (MPH, 2003-2004), Basel University, Switzerland (PhD, 2010-2012), National University of Singapore, Singapore and Harvard University, USA (MPM, 2014-2015). He served as the deputy director of Expanded Prgramme on Immunization at the Gansu provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from 1995 to 2005, and served as the deputy director of National Immunization Programme in China CDC between from 2005 to 2016. Between 2005 and 2013, he was the Manager of Ministry of Health/Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunization project. He joined Peking University in November 2016. He worked in WHO HQ as the technical officer from 2019 to 2020. He has published more than 300 papers, including more than 110 peer-reviewed papers published as the first author or corresponding author. He wrote 3 books and translated one. He also serves the following positions:

Associate editor, Journal of Medical Virology (2021-)

President of steering committee on prompting hepatitis elimination, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association (2021-)

President of hepatitis control branch, Chinese Vaccine Association (2021-2025)

Vice President of Study Society of Infectious Disease Control, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association (2017-2020)

Acting Chief Editor, Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine (2019-)

Associate editor, Chinese Journal of Virologic Diseases (2019-)

Member of Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) Working Group on hepatitis A Vaccine, WHO HQ (Sep 2020-Dec 2021)

Member of Standing Committee, Study Society of Laboratory Science and Technology, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association (2017-2020)

Member of Standing Committee, Study Society of Public health Management in Clinical Institution, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association (2017-2020)

Main research directions

His research interests are infectious diseases, its epidemiology and prevention, mainly focuses on vaccine preventable diseases, epidemiological research on vaccines and vaccination, immunization intervention, global health security.

Representative scientific research projects

1. National Science and Technology Projects on Development Assistance for Technology. Developing China-ASEAN Public Health Research and Development Collaborating Center, 2021-2024, Co-PI

2. National Key RESEARCH and development Programme: The study on willingness of COVID-19 vaccination. 2021-2024, 900,000 CNY, Grant no: 2021YFC2301604.PI

3. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, External Evaluation of Malaria Molecular Epidemiology Lab Capacity Building Pilot Projects in Sierra Leone, 2021-2024, Co-PI

4. China-WHO Biennial Collaborative Projects 2020-2021: Research on China’s Engagement in Global Health Governance and Security in Context of COVID-19, 2021, CNY 532000. PI

5. The National S & T Major Project for Infectious Diseases of China in 2018: Research on HBV infection and vaccination strategies in diabetes population in China, 2018-2020, 1.348 million RMB, Grant no:2018ZX10721202. PI

6. The open project of the state key laboratory of biological safety of pathogenic microorganisms in 2018: Study on the mechanism of drug resistance of haemophilus influenzae in the biofilm state of acute respiratory tract infection in children, 2018-2020, 200 thousands RMB, Grant no:SKLPBS1836. PI

7. National natural science foundation of China, molecular evolution trend of hepatitis B virus in China and its impact on macro transmission dynamics, 2016-2019,130.58 thousands RMB, Grant no:11571272.

8. Major science and technology project of the 12th five-year plan in 2012: Study on new strategies for the prevention of viral hepatitis B in China, principal of the sub-project, with a fund of 8.3469 million RMB, Grant no: 2012ZX10002001 PI

9.  Major science and technology project of "the eleventh five-year plan" in 2009: Research on the immune prevention strategy of viral hepatitis B in China, principal of the sub-project, with a fund of 19.65 million RMB. Grant no: 2008zx10002-001 PI

10. Science and technology research project, 2006, 1.3 million, Grant no: 2004BA718B01. PI

10 representative papers

1. Han B, Liu W, Du J, … Cui F. 12 Months Persistent Immunogenicity after Hepatitis B Vaccination in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Immunogenicity of Revaccination in Non-Responders: An Open-Label Randomized Controlled Trial. Vaccines 2021, 9(12): 1407-1412. (Corresponding author)

2. Wang C, Han B, Zhao T,…Cui F. Vaccination willingness, vaccine hesitancy, and estimated coverage at the first round of COVID-19 vaccination in China: A national cross-sectional study.Vaccines,2021,39(21):2833-2842. (Corresponding author)

3. Han B, Liu W, Du J,…,Cui F. Immunogenicity and safety of hepatitis B vaccination in patients with type 2 diabetes in China: An open-label randomized controlled trial. Vaccine,2021,39(25): 3365 - 3371 .(Corresponding author)

4. Liu B, Han B, Zheng H, Liu H, Zhao T, Wan Y, Cui F. Who Is the Most Vulnerable to Anxiety at the Beginning of the COVID-19 Outbreak in China? A Cross-Sectional Nationwide Survey. Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland),2021,9(8): 970(Corresponding author).

5. Zheng H, Shevanthi N, Polin C, Wang F, …Cui F, Zhang Guomin & Timothy B Hallett. Progress towards elimination of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus infection in China: a modelling analysis. Bull World Health Organ 2020;99:1:10-18. (Corresponding author)

6. Cui F. Strategies to increase timely uptake of hepatitis B vaccine birth dose. Lancet GH, 2020, Vol 8 July 2020, e869.

7. Wang S, Han B, Wan Y, Liu J, Zhao T, Liu H, Cui F. Do Male University Students Know Enough About Human Papillomavirus (HPV) to Make Informed Decisions About Vaccination? Med Sci Monit. 2020 Jun 30;26:e924840. (Corresponding author)

8. Cui F, Woodring J, Chan P, Xu F. Considerations of antiviral treatment to interrupt mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus in China. International Journal of Epidemiology, 2018, 47,5:1529-1537.

9. Zheng H, Cui FQ, Wang FZ, et al. The epidemiology of hepatitis B virus infection in women of reproductive age in highly endemic areas in China. J Viral Hepat. Jan 2018;25(1):88-96. (Co-First author).

10. Cui F, Shen L, Li L, et al. Prevention of Chronic Hepatitis B after 3 Decades of Escalating Vaccination Policy, China. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2017, 23(5):765-772.