Central Laboratory

Jingyu Wang, Chair and Professor
Central Laboratory of School of Public Health was founded in 1976. Since its passing of the national qualification examination in 1997, it has not only been becoming a research and teaching platform within the Peking University, but has also been providing testing and scientific evidence based legal support to society. Central Laboratory accepts internship training to undergraduate students and visiting scholars, recruits master or doctor degree graduate students, and provides graduate students courses that combine the theory with practice.
Led by director and professor Wang Jingyu, the Central Laboratory mainly provides courses on advanced instrumental analysis in medicine and public health. Its main researches include metalomic (elementomics) studies, instrumental analysis and its application in medicine and public health, instrumental analysis methodology, functional food and animal experiment on harmful substance. Central Laboratory has been financially supported by national and ministry/provincial research funds, as well as by international cooperation programs, about 90 papers or thesis have been published, and one national patent. Has been approved.

There are 8 members in this lab, including 1 professor, 1 chief technician, 1 associate chief technician, 5 research assistants and junior technician.
Jingyu Wang
Research interests:(1)Metalomics;   
                                                  (2)instrumental analysis methodology;
                                                (3)applications of instrumental analysis in medicine and public health.

Graduate students courses:Advanced instrumental analysis on medicine and public health Number of Graduate students: 23

Scientific researches
Five key research projects in recent years
1、《Studies on resource of lead in children in Beijing by isotope ratios》,Funded by Beijing Natural Science
       Foundation,Jan.2006~Dec. 2008
2、《Reasons of lead fingerprint differences in blood, urine, hair and organs within the same body》,Funded
       by National Natural Science Foundation,Jan. 2010~Dec. 2012
3、《Study on assay of heavy metal hazards residual and standard substance》,Funded by Special Fund
       from Ministry of Science and Technology,Jan. 2009~Dec. 2010
4、Opening Laboratory Fund, Funded by Zhongguancun Opening Laboratory Alliance,
      Jan. 2008~Dec. 2016
5、《Inorganic fingerprint of common pathogenic
      bacteria and its rapid identification》,Funded
      by Beijing Natural Science Foundation,Jan.
      2012~Dec. 2014

Instruments and equipments
Central Laboratory possesses 9 modern instruments, such as ICP-MS, ICP-OES, AAS, AFS, HPLC, GC and many other auxiliary equipments such as clean room, precision balance, microwave digester, etc. Totally value is more than 10 million RMB.
Special personnel were licensed to be responsible for all the instruments. Strict quality control was conducted during the sample prepare and analysis process to ensure the trustful experimental results. 

Location: 1~3floor, Toxicology Building, Health Science Center, Peking University
Tel:  +86-10-82801107
Contact person: Pro.Jingyu Wang