Department of Health Policy and Management

Ming WU, Chair and Professor
The Department of Health Policy and Management was established in 2000, from the Training Center for Health Management funded by Ministry of Health (China), which is established in 1985, and is one of the earliest institutes that focused on health management training and research in China. In 1987, the Department became one of the first institutes in China to offer Masters Degrees in Social Medicine and Health Management in China. In 1999, the department obtained approval from the Academic Degree Committee of State Council, the Department started to offer doctoral degrees in Social Medicine and Health Management. At present, there are five divisions in the Department: Health Management, Health Economics, Health Law, Hospital Management and Social Medicine. Professor Yude CHEN is the Emeritus Chair of the department.
From the time of its establishment, the department has strived for academic excellence, the expansion of its academic influences domestically and internationally, and using our research findings to serve social reform and development. To this end, the department as four focuses: (1) the development and improvement of the theories and methodologies relating to healthcare management, (2) the academic and practical training of talents in healthcare management, (3) research in health management and policy on a theoretical and empirical level, and (4) the provision of technical advice and consultancy to government to improve evidence-based health policy-making.

The department currently has 20 faculty members, including five full professors and six associate professors.
Ming WU
Professor, Department Chair. Research interests: health economics, health policy analysis and evaluation, health insurance, public hospital, health resource allocation, public health, et al.
Professor, Research interests: health policy, global health, primary care, health project management, et al.
Zhifeng WANG
Professor, Deputy Chair of the Department. Research interests: health policy analysis, primary care, rural health, et al.
Xiemin MA
Professor, Research interests:
process recombination of hospital service, clinical pathway, healthcare quality management, et al.
Professor, Research interests: health services, community health, rural health, medical education, et al.
Zijun ZHOU
Associate Professor, Research interests: hospital accreditation, hospital property, leadership for hospital
management, hospital information system, et al.
Associate Professor, Research interests: hospital management, health insurance, provider payment, et al.
Xilong PAN
Associate Professor, Research interests: strategy and decision-making of hospital management, hospital brand management and marketing, human resource management for hospital, et al.
Jitong LUI
Associate Professor, Research interests: social welfare system and community management policy, medical sociology, public finance, et al.
Associate Professor, Research interests: strategy management for hospital, health management for migrants, et al.

The department has been in charge of the teaching of health policy and management related courses. By far, we have cultivated more than 300 masters, PhDs and post-docs. The department offers Master and Doctorate degrees in areas including Health Management, Health Economics, Social Medicine, Health Law, Hospital Management, advance health management, health politics, Organization Behavior, medical sociology, Econometrics, Theory and Policy of Medical Security System, Case Analysis for Health Management, Health Project Management, Marketing in Health Services, Strategic Management for Medical Facilities, Operation Management for Medical Facility, Comparative Research in Health Policy, Pharmacoeconomics and Drug Policy, et al.

Each year, the Department of Health Policy and Management receives funding of an average of 40-50 research grants from international research donors and councils, central and local government, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security, and other local sectors. The areas of these research projects includes the monitoring and evaluation of health related legislations, health policy, health services efficiency and effectiveness, health insurance systems, primary healthcare, public hospital administration and reform, public health management, human resource management, et al.
Knowledge Transfer Activities
Many faculties are holding office in international or national academic organizations and academic journals. Some faculties have become the members of the professional specialist committee for MOH, some Departments of MOH, local government and National Center of Disease Control. They provide suggestions on health policy for different fields and different level government as consultants Moreover, the Department also provides technical and policy consultant and design and marketing services for all kinds of health sectors, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical enterprises on health management, health economics and health law. In the last three years, we have received research grant RMB 23.45 million. 

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