School of Public Health PKU

Department:Dept.of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
                       Dept.of Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences
                       Dept.of Nutrition and Food Hygiene
                       Dept.of Child,Adolescent and Women’s Health
                       Dept.of Toxicology
                       Dept.of Health Policy and Management
                       Dept.of Social Medicine and Health Education
                       Dept.of  Global Health
                       Central Laboratory
Institute:        Institute of Child and Adolescent Health of Peking University
                       Institute of Reproductive and Child Health of Peking University
Center:          Center for Evidence Based Medicine
                       Center for AIDS Prevention Studies
                       Nutritional and Functional Food Assessment Center
                       Teaching Center for Preventive Medicine Experiments
                       Health Emengency Management Center of Peking University
                       Research Center of Ageing Health Services
Administrative Section:General Administrative Office
                                          Educational Affairs Office
                                          Student Affairs Office
                                          Academic Affairs Office
                                          Center for Educational Services